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Metal Detecting


We have been all over the country prospecting and gathering new dirt/material to share with you. Each unique area requires different recovery methods such as crevicing, dredging, sluicing, dry washing, and even metal detecting. Before leaving a spot we are working to gather gold for our products, we collect material and classify it down.  Classifying is the only alteration to the material before it becomes paydirt for you to buy unless it is marked as concentrates.     

Sluice box
Digging for gold bearing dirt
Test Panning pay material

Hannah and Bill gathering material from the cut

Bill test panning to make sure we are staying on the pay layer

Look at all that material! Getting ready to run it through the Gold Fox Trommel and find some GOLD!  Notice the A52 at the end of the sluice run to create our own "Long Tom".  Amelia and Jan work together to wash all the pay   

Stockpile of paydirt to washplant trommel
Sluicing pay material
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